Casey Hart.....
Motivational Speaker / Life Coach / Goal Success Mentor

[The ‘Foundations’ that women in business MUST have to turn their new business and life from Failing Mess to Complete Success]

Hey I’m Casey Hart

I’m a life coach, motivational speaker and mummy to 3, owner of 2 businesses, 3 competition horses and 3 doggies! – which I’ll tell you more about in a moment....

I want to teach you my road map to establishing the foundations for success when you’re starting out in business, that helped me to grow a $500K year business with my husband plus start another business and still go to the kids sports days, after school trainings, parade items, doctors name it I did both all in a short period of time.

Before I do however, let me ask you a question

So far, how is business going? Overwhelmed yet or still in the honeymoon stage?

Because if you aren’t feeling overwhelmed yet with trying to wear a million hats at once, get the kids to sports on time, have dinner on the table, goals mapped out, a rock solid mindset that all the millionaires have, got a flow of clients coming in, self-belief that can’t be shaken oh and fit in YOU TIME......just wait it’s coming, if you haven’t already felt it.

If you have felt it, I bet I can pick two things about you –

1)     You have a massive, not negotiable passion for creating the life you dream of creating through your business.  I know this because I was just like you

2)     You are probably already telling yourself one of these things -

*I need to get more organised and plan my day and business but I don’t have time

*I’m exhausted trying to keep up with everything in the early stages of business

*I’m already lacking clarity on what I should be doing next

*I desperately need to get clients so I can ease our financial pressure (that’s partly why I’m here in the first place)

*I’m already hearing that darn voice inside my head saying ‘maybe this isn’t for you, maybe you should quit now while you’re ahead’ or ‘how am I EVER going to make it when there are SO many other women doing what I am trying to do’

*I really am scared of taking the plunge and going all into this business – I might just play the first little bit safe for a while – hey at least I’m doing something right?

*I’m already overwhelmed at how slow things are going and how far I want to go


If that sounds like you......then listen up chicky!


I’VE BEEN THERE! I’ve ticked every box! I’ve got that pin and put it on my sash! I know your pain!


We were struggling financially, I was completely exhausted from working part-time and running a small business and trying to be ‘everything’ for my kids and my business and being the house wife, I was overwhelmed with how difficult it was to stay consistent, focused and disciplined when the light of success seemed so far away, I was struggling with confidence and belief that I could be the next Marie Forleo or whoever YOU crush on!


Oh my gosh love the struggle is real and You need to know that you ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE in the same boat and YOU CAN CHANGE IT ALL!



Let me paint a picture of what you might currently be going through....


You were SO on top of the world to be finally starting your own business, you could smell the success, you could see the clients and you were wondering how you were going to handle the growth so quickly

You were getting up at 5am because ‘that’s’ what all the other gurus would say you needed to do and then because your day fell to crap partly thanks to those gorgeous little souls you are killing yourself doing this for, so you’d be up till really late because that was your only quiet time to work.


You probably don’t or aren’t honouring your ‘REAL’ needs in any of this – emotionally, physically or mentally and you have forgotten what the hairdresser and a coffee date look like!


In fact you are probably going backwards because you are SO focused on reaching your dream that will create the finances for your family, you are probably more overwhelmed and exhausted now then before you decided to ‘start your own business’ or become an ‘entrepreneur’ like 40% of the rest of the world.


You know the worst part is you probably have NO customers or are no where near that version of success.  You’ve probably worked your BUTT off for months starting this new dream business of yours and you have no money or clients to show for it – it’s even more overwhelming than when you decided to step up and chase that dream so you could change yours and your family’s future.


And to be totally honest – I’d actually failed at 5 other ‘this is it’ businesses!
Horse Riding Instructor – (I’m a horse nut)
Real Estate – Had a bit of success there
Dog Breeder – Just trying to stay at home with the kids
eBay – yep I did an eBay course on how to get rich on eBay
Furniture upcycling – that didn’t last long

And lastly I finally followed my heart – LIFE COACH......


Accurate picture? .....funny cause that was my life!


It was during my journey to becoming a Life Coach that my life changed and led me to where I am now, doing what I love, creating the life I want for my family financially through my business.


I realised during that study period what was missing from my reality to carry me all the way to my version of success, and it wasn’t sales funnels or sales copy!


Lets face it ....Why would I need them if I couldn’t even get clarity about what and where I needed to focus on next let alone write copy for something that I hadn’t finished yet. 
Why would I need that kind of business help when my kids pretty much consumed by days and although I started with a good plan everyday I got so far behind by midday that I nearly gave up or found myself up till 10.30! tired and exhausted

Why would I need that kind of help yet when I knew I was struggling with the concrete belief and confidence that I could make it to the end! After all, the gurus constantly tell you – that is the key to success!  It all starts in your mind right!

Why would I need that kind of help yet when I was crap scared of where my next dollar was coming from and I was constantly thinking I needed to just go and get a job again!



And that was it! I realised that I needed to get the foundations within me and my day to day life concrete and clear so I COULD see this dream of mine come to fruit!


I needed to get better at time management and get my life organised

I needed to create a routine that allowed me to be all and everyone that I needed to be

I needed to have the mindset of the gurus

I needed clarity around what I needed to do next with clear goals so I had a footpath to follow so I didn’t get Bright shiny object syndrome every time it got a bit tough.

I needed to know that I could stay disciplined and motivated NO MATTER WHAT – after all (again) the GURUS all say it’s about consistency

I needed to know how to make opportunities so I didn’t have to work so hard but rather work smarter!

I needed to get over my underlying fears so nothing would hold me back

I needed to get our finances in place so I knew EXACTLY how much, what and where all money was needed and going!


I set out to master all these things! And guess what.......not long after I checked off the first box the second box started to align and then the next and then the next!


I found myself being propelled to success just by creating the foundations in my life that built me up and supported me as a mum and business owner!

It didn’t take a magic sales funnel or FB ad marketer.....It took me to sort out these supportive areas of my life at the beginning that saw me walk the path to success!


I know this is what you so desperately want in your life right now!  I know because before I had it, I didn’t even know I needed it and now I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!


My next round of Failing Mess to Complete Success – the foundations to success for crazy busy overwhelmed women in business IS NOW OPEN!

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So much love and empowerment to you beautiful lady